Friday, August 29, 2008

The Intolerable Bias of the Conspiratorial - A Rant for today

How can we accept a "press" with such blatant disregard for intellectual responsibility? Nearly every news source that feigns objectivity is slavishly working to promote the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. Nearly every political story is designed to serve this "master." Information is a weapon and the easier it is to distort and twist into an attack on the Republican Party, the more likely it will be used to that end.

Here is one small example from the headlines - Today Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska was selected as John McCain's running mate. Here is what Yahoo news had to say:

McCain's VP choice 'risky'

Analysis: Palin's age, inexperience rival Obama's

This is not analysis - it is the imposition of biased opinions on the minds of those who lack the facility to think for themselves!

Information is what we need in this story. Who is she? Where is she from? What experiene does she have? Instead, before we even know how to pronouce her name our minds are influenced by the people at Yahoo.

Meanwhile, the press for all intents and purposes ignores a glaring weekness of the democrat party. With every passing day, we go further and further down the slippery slope toward collectivism.

After watching the Democrat convention for a few nights this week, it is very clear that the ideas of personal responsibility and pride in one's work and accomplishments are things of the past, at least for the bulk of that party.

When did we accept the idea that people don't need to support themselves but instead should expect their needs to be met by the government. This attitude will destroy us, that is, unless we are willing to make those who are successful the slaves of the indolent and irresponsible.

Time and time again we hear the same old song! "Times are hard, people are suffering," "What is the government going to do about it?" Yet it is so rare to hear the simple truth that the government isn't capable of doing anything about it. Economic booms come from the people, not the state.

If a family or individual is struggling financially it is their own responsbility to change things, to work harder, to forge their own life and destiny. Hand-outs can meet needs for a short time - but their recipients will always become dependents - always wanting more from the pockets of those who were more careful, more thoughtful, or more responsible.

These not secrets. These are ideas that have been systematically crushed by a media that is interested in maintaining the plantation.

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