Monday, April 27, 2009

OK, the election's over...

...but can you believe the insanity!!!???

Is it still this bad in the States? I can't believe the BBC would stoop to this.

After clicking on this link and reading its content, It's hard not to have at least a slight desire to shoot some leftists... it's really very hard. This is like something out of 1960's China or Lenin's Russia.

I think its time that we erect some massive statues of Mr. Obama's rump - and place them strategically outside the glorious pinnacles of western journalism - this way the writers, editors, et al. can kiss his arse all day long - even on their lunch breaks.

I used to be proud of western journalism. It was something that made living in Western Europe and the States desirable. However, If things keep going in this direction, before long the People's Daily will be a more reliable news source than NY Times.

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